Jael O’Connor is a British painter based in Brighton and Hove. She studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, graduating in 2005. Her main artistic inspiration lies with the portrait and in figurative painting, which has grown from her love of life drawing and painting. She is interested in the narratives that her subjects project, whether consciously or unconsciously. She is also concerned with the moments of life that are filled with contemplation, which is where her interest in still life painting lies, and has a fascination for birds, especially those belonging to the Corvid family. She works primarily in oils. Her work is in several private collections and she was a finalist in the 2020 Hollybush Painting Prize for Emerging Women Artists. She is a member of the artists cooperative Studio 106 and is a guest tutor at Draw Brighton.
 Much of her painting process, life drawing and sketchbook work can be seen on her Instagram page





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